About Us

The Beer Pale was created to share our love of beer, specifically craft beer, with our community. It’s a place where you can come and discover a new beer or simply enjoy an old favorite. You can have a pint or a flight at our place, or you can take a growler to drink wherever you want (legally, of course). We also have some fine food to go along with our great beer. The Beer Pale is excited to be a part of Nashville’s booming craft beer scene. Nashville is such a special and unique city and we are proud to call it our home!

We came up with our name as a reference to the original growler, a metal pail. Legend has it that the name ”growler” came about from the rumbling noise the pail made as it was carried home. We called our place The Beer Pale to pay homage to one of our favorite styles of beer, the pale ale. Growlers are not only environmentally friendly, but allow you to enjoy the freshest beer possible.